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Hi-Accuracy - Presentation

Hi-Accuracy - Trifold

Hi-Accuracy - Public summary of Deliverable D1.1 Report outlining nano-materials, substrates, surface and ink requirements

Hi-Accuracy - Public Deliverable D2.5 Nanosafety assessment of conductors, dielectrics & OSCs

Hi-Accuracy - Public summary of Deliverable D3.2 Design and realization of driving system for OTFTs-backplane

Hi-Accuracy - Public Deliverable D4.3 Safety assessment of barrier

Hi-Accuracy - Public Deliverable D5.4 Nanosafety assessment of front-Plane display materials

Hi-Accuracy - Public summary of Deliverable D6.2 Fabrication of rigid test structures for QD performance testing

Hi-Accuracy - Public summary of Deliverable D6.3 Fabrication of flexible test structures for testing of ESJET/ROP electrode, pixel defining layer and encapsulation

Hi-Accuracy - Public Deliverable D8.9 Final safety assessment report for general public & consortium members

Hi-Accuracy - Short project video: View or Download

Hi-Accuracy - Publications and Patents:

  1. Enhanced Electroluminescence via a Nanohybrid Material Consisting of Aromatic Ligand-Modified InP Quantum Dots and an Electron-Blocking Polymer as the Single Active Layer in Quantum Dot–LEDs (

  2. Taking the accuracy of printed electronics beyond 1µm

  3. Ligand Effect in 1-Octanethiol Passivation of InP/ZnSe/ZnS Quantum Dots‒ Evidence of Incomplete Surface Passivation during Synthesis

  4. Surface modification of hetero-phase nanoparticles for low-cost solution processable high – k dielectrics polymer nanocomposites"has been submitted to acs applied materials & interfaces

  5. Stability of InP/ZnSe/ZnS Quantum Dots in Light-Emitting Diodes: Role of Shell Thickness and Surface Chemistry 

  6. Carbon Dots - The future of display and lighting applications 

  7. Application of InP/GaP/ZnSeS Quantum Dots in Electrohydrodynamic Jet Printing for Electroluminescence Devices 

  8. Focused Review on Print-Patterned Contact Electrodes for Metal-Oxide Thin-Film Transistors 

  9. Blue cadmium-free and air-fabricated quantum dot light-emitting diodes