July 2020:

High Accμracy Project 
Press Release July 2020   

Hi-Accµracy:   Specification agreed by consortium partners for EC Horizon 2020 funded project

In the project Hi-Accµracy, granted under no. 862410 in European Community’s Horizon 2020 program, a first report outlining
nanomaterials, substrates, surface and ink requirements has been issued after the first 3 months of the 3 year project.

The specification task has been carried out with the cooperation of all 11 partners, from across Europe. This specification clarifies the many challenging requirements involved with the printing of an active matrix quantum dot (AM-QD) LED display (300 dpi full colour) . Resolutions of 5 μm and below will be achieved by electrostatic inkjet printing (ESJET) through pre patterning by nanoimprint lithography (NIL) and strong control of surface properties. Also, reverse offset printing (ROP) promises to break the 5 μm resolution limit through precise roll-to-sheet printing.

Free-standing, or foil-on-carrier, processing, starts on a polymer substrate covered by a barrier layer, that fulfils stringent, electro-emissive QD-LED-requirements. This is then coated with a planarizing adhesion layer to eliminate surface defects.

The low roughness requirements for surfaces, such as the transistor channel (<1 nm) and the QD-LED (<10 nm), are reached by the process described above, and by utilising nano-inks with particle sizes below 100 nm, with ink viscosities optimised for the various printing techniques. Surface-energies (adhesion) and solvent compatibility have also been taken into account and specified to enable the printed AM-QD-LED to be achieved in the Hi-Accµracy project.

To learn more and access the full programme please visit:  https://www.horizon-europe-community.at

To learn more about these innovations, as well as details about the partner organisations, visit www.hi-accuracy.eu This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No. 862410.                                                                                                                                                                                ENDS